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Radiator Service in Wilmington, CA

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The health of any engine depends on the ability of a radiator to keep things relatively cool. Whether your radiator is cracked or completely broken, delaying a repair or replacement can cause serious damage to your engine. At David's Radiators Service, we have highly experienced and trained technicians who can deal with the problem quickly. Our radiator installation or replacement is far cheaper than a new car and will last for years to come. In addition to radiator services, we can help you with a wide range of diesel truck services.

Regular radiator flushing is the best way to ensure your radiator works correctly throughout the life of your vehicle. If you bring your car to our shop, we'll make sure your heater cores, thermostats, water pumps and hoses and belts are all functioning to their best ability. We'll also make sure to get you back out on the road quickly so that you can make a living. You can find out how often your vehicle needs a radiator flush if you refer to your owner's manual.